The BloomBoard Marketplace: Now Open to All Educators

June 30, 2015   |   By Lucia Giacomantonio

Summer is here! While you’re taking a well-deserved break, it’s also the perfect opportunity to brush up on teaching strategies to help you improve your practice. If you’re looking for a place to start your professional learning, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Created in 2014, the BloomBoard Marketplace as an easy way for educators to discover personalized, high-quality learning resources from a single destination. Over the course of the past several months, more than 100,000 educators have been taking an active role in their professional growth through the beta version of our Marketplace. Today, we’re excited to announce that, for a limited time only, the BloomBoard Marketplace is open to all educators.

How it Works:

Follow these three steps to build and share knowledge with educators across the country:

  1. Explore. Search and filter tools make finding the professional resources you’re looking for easy. In the upper left corner of the homepage, you can search by Teacher Skills or Student Skills. Click one of these options to filter by resource type, subject area, grade level, and more.
  2. Learn. The Marketplace contains a vast array of resources including courses, eBooks, articles, and videos. Select the best resources for you based on ratings and reviews from peers and expert curators. After discovering a new skill or strategy, there’s only one thing left to do: give it a shot!
  3. Share. When you find an interesting or valuable resource, leave a review about how it helped you in the classroom, then pass it along. Use the share button to send any useful resources to a fellow educator, a group of peers, or through your social networks.

Create Your Free Account

Ready to get started? Creating an account is easy and free! Simply visit and select “Teacher” to access the Marketplace. You can create an account anytime from now until the fall.

Note: If you are an existing BloomBoard educator who has already accessed our site, you do not need to create a new account. You may login with your existing BloomBoard username and password.

Create my free account now

Tell us what you think

We love to hear feedback from the educator community to make our products better. As you get started, tell us what you think. This could include ideas for new features, requests for additional content, or comments about what you like about the site and the resources. Please send a note with your thoughts to


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