Resources to Help Educators Manage End of Year Stress

April 29, 2015   |   By Matt Doyle

StressSpring is in full bloom! While this is my favorite season, when I was teaching it was often the most stressful time of year. With the end of the school year right around the corner, both students and teachers can find themselves rushed as they sprint to the finish line. For this collection, I've gathered some strategies for managing stress and feeling refreshed. Here's to wishing you a bright and stress-free finish!

Kicking Stress Brings Balance to the Classroom (video)
Take care of your students by taking care of yourself. Watch this vido to find out what it means.

What Do You Do To Keep Students (& You!) Focused Near The End Of The School Year? (article)
It’s that time of the year when it’s not unusual for both students and teachers to have difficulty focusing — there’s a month or two left in the school year, everybody’s a bit tired, and summer is in the air. Larry Ferlazzo shares some of his favorite strategies for keeping everyone on track.

Humor In School Is Serious Business (eBook)
You'll laugh out loud as you read about why humor belongs in every classroom. This is a book for any teacher - even (or especially) those who are not natural-born comedians. Learn the research-based benefits of humor in school and find a huge supply of practical ways to add humor to your teaching strategies and classroom setting. The book includes chapters for administrators and coaches, too!

This course is designed for classroom teachers who juggle time-sensitive tasks and often-exhausting teaching schedules.

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