Resource of the Week: The Key to Common Core Success

September 11, 2015   |   By Alicia Barnes

Our teaching resource of the week is an article from the BloomBoard Marketplace that delves into a study finding that teacher collaboration may be the key to successful implementation of Common Core standards. 


Conducted by the National Center on Literacy Education (NCLE), which solicited feedback from 5,700 K-12 educators, the study concludes that--unsurprisingly--teachers want to feel like they are drivers of the transition to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) alignment, not that the change is being done "to" them. More specifically, there are three types of teacher engagement crucial to CCSS implementation: planning how their school will implement standards, creating their own materials and approaches, and having the time to work with colleagues to co-create lessons and assignments and examine student work as aligned with standards.

Read the full article to learn more about how a teacher-powered approach to CCSS can have the greatest potential for student achievement.   

Read the Article

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