End of Year Countdown: Make Every Day Count With These 4 Resources

May 27, 2015   |   By Matt Doyle

For many teachers, the school year is coming to a close. As students' minds (and your own) begin to wander towards the coming summer, it can be challenging to stay on track. In the spirit of making every day count, here are some professional learning resources to help you and your students extend learning to the last day of school.

The Places You'll Grow
The ending of a school year is a great time for you to reflect on what your students have accomplished and become during the year. It's also a perfect time for you to consider your own learning. You can reflect on and assess your growth and then use it to improve student learning in several ways.

What Do You Do To Keep Students (& You!) Focused Near The End Of The School Year?
It’s that time of the year when it’s not unusual for both students and teachers to have difficulty focusing — there’s a month or two left in the school year, everybody’s a bit tired, and summer is in the air. Larry Ferlazzo shares some of his favorite strategies for keeping everyone on track.

Closing the Year with Class
Read this free article to learn how you can increase the potential of a rewarding years' end with purposeful planning and flexibility.

End of Year Countdown: 5 Ways to Finish Strong
Follow these five teaching tips to close your first year successfully.

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