Dear Jenni: Will my data be archived this summer?

June 6, 2014   |   By Jenni Haight



Dear Jenni,

As I'm finishing up my end-of-year evaluations, I realize I would still like to access all of the info from my observations and meetings next year. How is data being saved from the system and how will I be able to access it after the year finishes? 

Saving Data


Dear Saving Data,

Observations and meetings will be archived on July 15. After observations are archived, they will still be accessible in the learners' Artifacts tab in the e-Portfolio. There will be a link that reads "Show observations & meetings from previous years". When the observer or the learner clicks that link, the list will expand to show the archived observations. These archived observations can be viewed and printed by the observer and learner in the same way current observations can.

Trending ratings on the Aggregated Evidence & Ratings (AE&R) tab of the e-portfolio, artifacts uploaded in the Artifacts tab of the e-portfolio, BloomList items, and goals entered on the yellow sticky notes will remain accessible in their current locations and will not be archived automatically. 




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