Dear Jenni: How do I rate my learner's SLOs?

June 12, 2014   |   By Jenni Haight



Dear Jenni,

I'm having a lot of trouble rating my learner's SLOs. I only see an error symbol when I go to rate. I've watched the video, but can't figure out what to do. What do I need to do to be able to rate my learner's SLOs?

Troubled Rater


Dear Troubled Rater,

The most common cause of not being able to rate a learner's SLOs is that the SLOs are unlocked for the learner to edit.  Until the learner submits their SLOs for approval, the observer will not be able to proceed with the approval and rating process.  The learner can submit the SLOs for approval by clicking "Set objectives & request approval" at the bottom of their SLO page.

A quick place for you to check if your learner's SLOs are unlocked for editing is in the status column of the meeting.  A blank status means that the SLOs are unlocked for editing.  As the SLOs move through the approval and rating cycle, other statuses such as "Awaiting approval," "Approved," and "Ratings submitted" will appear in the status column.




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