Dear Jenni: Best way to review all collected evidence?

May 6, 2014   |   By Jenni Haight


Dear Jenni,

I want my teachers to see the evidence and ratings we've collected throughout the year before they fill out the self-reflection form and we have an end-of-year conference. What's the best way to give them an overview without revisiting each observation individually?

Need to Review

Dear Need to Share,

You and your teachers can quickly review all collected evidence and ratings from observations conducted throughout the year by visiting the Aggregated Evidence & Ratings (AE&R) tab of the teacher's portfolio.  When your teachers log into BloomBoard, they will see a "Visit my portfolio" button on their learner dashboard.  Clicking this button takes them directly to their AE&R where they canreview shared evidence and ratings that you and other observers have collected. 




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