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August 28, 2014   |   By XuanThu Pham

BloomBoard Welcomes New Senior Officers

Palo Alto, California (PRWEB): To keep up with its rapid growth to 600 districts across 22 states and five state-level contracts, educator professional growth platform BloomBoard has added three new members to its senior leadership team.

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August 25, 2014   |   By XuanThu Pham

"We can move mountains if we support the core of our teachers."

Three K-12 school administrators share their insights on what it means to ignite educator growth and how it impacts long-term commitment and learning. Watch now:

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August 21, 2014   |   By XuanThu Pham

Matt Doyle, BloomBoard Content Curation Manager, on Professional Development for K-12 Educators

What are the core elements that make professional development effective? What could teachers do to have the time and space to support continuous learning? In this video, Matt Doyle, BloomBoard Content Curation Manager and former educator, shares with educators what our philosophy toward professional growth is and how we want to partner with them to ignite their learning and growth - everyday. Watch now:

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August 19, 2014   |   By XuanThu Pham

Tech in Schools: 6 Tools for Teachers via the blog, "gatesnotes"

Teaching these days has become less about blackboards and overhead projectors and more about apps and technology. But with so many innovations, which ones are best suited for the classroom? Getting teachers to use the right tools in the classroom can be the difference between a child comprehending the material or completely zoning out. And with education on the line, it’s important to pick the tools that will best help both teachers and students. From a teacher feedback platform like Bloomboard to a teacher/student communication site like Edmodo, technology is advancing educational practices one innovation at a time.

In gatesnotes, a blog written by Bill Gates, he outlines six innovative tools for teachers that can help boost education.

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May 23, 2014   |   By XuanThu Pham

BloomBoard closed on Memorial Day, a remembrance, and classroom resources

The BloomBoard office will be closed Monday, May 26 in honor of Memorial Day and will reopen Tuesday, May 27. We respectfully remember and honor the sacrifices that countless women and men have made while serving our country. 

We'd like to share two things as you and your families prepare for the long weekend: a remembrance written by our BloomBoard colleague, Greg McBeth, to honor his friend and serviceman and three lesson plan/classroom resources for teachers about Memorial Day:

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