Kickstart the School Year with New Micro-credentials on Financial Literacy, Global Competence, Effective Coaching, and Performance Assessment

August 22, 2016   |   By Alicia Barnes

BloomBoard is pleased to announce that in partnership with Digital Promise, a number of new micro-credentials are available in our ever-growing micro-credentials library

Micro-credentials–bite-sized demonstrations of competence for specific skills–have been gaining popularity for their ability to acknowledge an educator’s pursuit and recognition of learning, both formal and informal.

The beginning of a new school year is a perfect time to set professional learning goals. It's also a great time for educators to identify micro-credentials you want to earn, which can provide not only a framework for learning to meet goals but also recognition for accomplishments. More than 200 micro-credentials are now available, recognizing a wide range of professional competencies for educators. Check out the latest micro-credentials added:

  • Financial literacy skills are imperative for students to develop. The Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC) at George Washington University is now offering 20 micro-credentials on personal finance—specifically on topics including responsible credit card use, budgeting, and building a credit score. Each micro-credential is aligned to personal finance national standards, all of which explore topics and situations relevant to high school students. Learn more about the research around financial literacy education on the Digital Promise blog


Screenshot_2016-08-15_13.18.36.png  Screenshot_2016-08-15_13.18.06.png

  • Will you be in a coaching role this year? Apply for a micro-credential from the Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Learning at USD, which recently added ten micro-credentials on Effective Coaching to our library. The Jacobs Institute is a university-based research center that fuels innovation in education and collaborates with school districts to effectively integrate technology into today’s digital learning environments.

Screenshot_2016-08-15_13.29.07.png   Screenshot_2016-08-15_13.30.05.png

Screenshot_2016-08-15_14.14.35.png Screenshot_2016-08-15_14.15.14.png

For more on micro-credentials, read our interview with Wisconsin educator, Katie Hoff, download the ebook, Moving PD from Seat Time to Demonstrated Competency Using Micro-credentials, or read this white paper from Center for Teaching Quality, How Can Micro-credentials Drive Teacher Learning and Leadership?

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