9 Resource Collections to Kick Off Your Summer Learning

June 23, 2016   |   By Alicia Barnes

School's out, and while lounging by the pool and catching up on Netflix is certainly on the agenda, summer is also a great time to pursue the professional learning that you don't have time for during the school year. Whether it's staying connected with a PLN, discovering new blogs or books, or joining discussions with your tribe on Twitter, there are so many options for staying engaged and inspired.

BloomBoard has a number of resource collections that are just right for your subject, grade level, and learning goals. You can brush up on hot topics in your field, gain inspiration by watching videos of other teachers, and save your favorite resources to try when you head back into the classroom this fall.

To start your summer learning journey, check out these great BloomBoard collections:
  1. Twitter for Professional Development
    Teachers around the world have taken control of their personal learning by connecting with other teachers on Twitter.

  2. Balance the Scales for a Happier You: Teacher Work Life Balance
    Work life balance can be the hardest part about teaching. These resources offer teachers an easier route to work life balance.

  3. Together, We Can!
    A collection by Dana Sparkman at Capella University. Do you know all the ways that you can collaborate with other teachers to develop your professional skills? In this collection, you will learn about collaborative professional development, including developing different types of PD teams and setting goals for them.

  4. Teacher Self-Care
    As teachers we are selfless creatures who go above and beyond every day to meet the needs of our students, often at the expense of our own needs.  This collection features several resources that will guide you in developing techniques to manage stress and nourish your soul.

  5. How to Get...And Stay Organized
    Sometimes we get so busy teaching that we forget how important it is to stay organized. If we aren't careful, all of the clutter can get out of control. This collection is full of ideas to help you get and stay organized in both the physical world and online.

  6. The Power of How We Think
    This collection includes a variety of resources that discuss the concept of Fixed vs. Growth mindset.

  7. Formative Assessment in the Classroom
    Do you know what your students can do? Do you know what THEY know? This collection provides various resources to get you started on formative assessment in your classroom. And if you understand Formative Assessment, you can gain a variety of strategies to change things up in your classroom.

  8. Design Thinking & Empathy-Fueled Problem Solving
    Empathy-fueled, human-centered problem solving provides educators a process for helping students and colleagues alike tackle challenges and find solutions. Find introductory materials as well as tools and protocols to carry out design experiences in classrooms and schools, as well as the theory behind such an approach.

  9. Maker Education Projects for Your Class or School
    What child doesn't love "hands-on" learning? Maker Education is "hands-on," on steroids! By mixing high-tech and low-tech materials, kids across the country are making all kinds of things. Most importantly, your students can play a greater role in their learning.   

Visit next.bloomboard.com to find hundreds more resource collections.

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