4 Necessary Steps to Professionalize the Teaching Profession

December 9, 2014   |   By Jason Lange

Creating that “aha moment” of understanding requires no shortage of finesse.

You not only need to understand the topic yourself, but you also need to know how to explain it to another person and work through any disconnections for that learner. Now, add 25 more people to that experience — each with their own needs and realities — and it’s easy to see why teaching is such a demanding, challenging, and rewarding profession.

Yet many people don’t see teaching as a profession; they view it as a job that attracts people who want summer breaks. But those of us in the industry know that this couldn’t be further from the truth, and it’s up to us to lend authority to the profession.

BloomBoard CEO and co-founder, Jason Lange, shares four steps you can take to professionalize teaching at educationworld.com.

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