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June 16, 2016   |   By Alicia Barnes

Collection Curator Spotlight: John Larmer at Buck Institute for Education

Want to brush up on a new strategy this summer that can make your teaching more creative, engaging, and fun? Take a closer look at Project-Based Learning (PBL). PBL is an approach to learning in which students develop solutions to real-world problems and challenges. For everything you'd want to know about adopting PBL in your classroom, you need look no further than the expertise of Buck Institute for Education (BIE).

BIE is a nonprofit that creates, gathers, and shares high-quality PBL instructional practices for all grade levels and subject areas. We chatted with BIE's Editor in Chief, John Larmer,  who is the writer and editor of BIE’s PBL Toolkit Series and co-author of the Project Based Learning Handbook. Read on to hear what he has to say about the PBL resource collections BIE has developed for BloomBoard, the innovative work districts like Metro Nashville Public Schools are doing around PBL, and how PBL can restore "the joy of teaching."

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May 26, 2016   |   By Alicia Barnes

Curator Spotlight: Beth Still

Beth Still is an Innovative Teaching and Learning Specialist in western Nebraska who spends her days supporting teachers as they learn the ins and outs of teaching in a 1:1 environment with Chromebooks. She has also cultivated a large following on Twitter, where she's known for her passion to empower, inspire, and build a digital network of connected educators. Finally, she's a prolific collection curator and has created over twenty collections for BloomBoard, focusing on the power of digital technology to help educators both teach AND learn. We chatted with Beth about what inspired her to push the envelope as an educator, how teachers can get organized using new technology, and her plans for learning over the summer.

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May 10, 2016   |   By Alicia Barnes

Curator Spotlight: Margaret Powers

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May 9, 2016   |   By Alicia Barnes

Increasing Potential with Micro-credentials: An Interview with Teacher Katie Hoff

Micro-credentials are getting lots of attention lately as an alternative to traditional, one-size-fits-all models of professional development (PD). While a recent study by Digital Promise showed that few teachers know about them, some early adopters across the country are blazing the trail for micro-credential implementation. 

Kettle Moraine School District in Wisconsin, for example, is implementing micro-credentials as part of its personalized, competency-based PD plan with a direct impact on teacher compensation. We reached out to one Kettle Moraine educator who is earning recognition through micro-credentials for the skills she is learning and using every day in the classroom, and we asked her to share her experience.

Katie Hoff teaches 8th grade social studies in Kettle Moraine, is currently in her fifth year of teaching, and is dedicated to her professional growth. Not only has she completed her Master's degree from University of Wisconsin-Stout, but she is also working towards her 316 certification (Reading Teacher License program), and she has applied for—and earned—multiple micro-credentials during this school year.

Here's more about what it's like to earn a micro-credential from Katie, in her words:

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April 27, 2016   |   By Alicia Barnes

Curator Spotlight: Sheryl Place

Our new blog series, Curator Spotlight, takes a closer look at the expert educators who are creating resource collections, starting discussions, and making BloomBoard THE destination for more connected, more meaningful, and just-in-time professional learning!

This week, we're featuring Sheryl Place, a veteran ESOL teacher who has spent her entire teaching career with Miami-Dade County Public Schools in Miami, Florida - the 4th largest district in the United States. She began teaching in 1983 after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in French Education from Michigan State University. Mrs. Place continued to grow professionally, receiving a scholarship from the University of Miami where she earned a Master’s Degree in TESOL in 1992. She then transitioned to teaching high school grades 9-12 instructing classes in French, Latin and ESOL. Mrs. Place currently teaches ESOL at Miami Killian Senior High in Miami, Florida.

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