March 25, 2015   |   By Kimberly L. Mitchell

5 Strategies Great Inquiry Teachers Use in Their Classrooms

Inquiry-based instruction was always an enigma to me. Like ‘sustainable farming’ or ‘integrative medicine,’ there seemed to be enough evidence to demonstrate superiority of this ‘new, but not new’ method over traditional ones, but would I recognize it if I saw it?

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March 23, 2015   |   By Jared Scherz

The Three Big R’s That Drive Teacher Satisfaction

You may know about the three small r’s that drive student improvement: rigor, relevance, and relationships. Then there are the three Big R’s that drive teacher satisfaction: Respect, Reflection, and Resources. Following these three ideas can help bring out the best in educators and make teachers their own best advocates.

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February 23, 2015   |   By Scott Hartl, President and CEO of Expeditionary Learning

The Learning Our Teachers Deserve

Too many of our teachers have had to suffer through one-off, lecture-style "sit and get" professional development sessions. We know this model of learning doesn't work for students. Well, no surprise, it doesn't work for teachers either. It can be ruthlessly boring and far removed from the context-specific challenges they face in their classrooms. Among all professions, it would seem that educators should be especially good at effective adult learning, but too often this is not the case.

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February 2, 2015   |   By John Larmer, Editor In Chief, Buck Institute for Education

Creating a New Gold Standard for Project Based Learning

This is a guest post from BloomBoard partner, Buck Institute for Education.

In the past few years, project based learning (PBL) has become trendy. You can attend sessions about it or its cousin, problem based learning, at most conferences these days, find thousands of online resources, and read dozens of blogs by PBL teachers. Transformative school model networks and charter schools with a PBL focus are popping up all over, and PBL professional development services are in high demand.

But there’s a danger in sudden popularity: wide variation in quality.

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December 16, 2014   |   By Kathy Choi

A Framework for Effective Delivery of Blended Instruction

Teacher_As_ArchitectBlended learning is no longer just a niche topic in education. The adoption of blended learning solutions is on the uptick - according to iNACOL, 75 percent of US school districts had one or more students enrolled in a blended learning course in 2010, and online learning enrollments are growing by 46 percent a year1.

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