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Dear Jenni: How best to filter ratings in AE&R?

April 29, 2014   |   By Jenni Haight


Dear Jenni,

I'm in the middle of rating my teachers and am using the AE&R tool. I've had co-evaluators help me collect evidence throughout the year, but I'm not sure I want to consider their ratings in my final decision. How can I view only the observations I've conducted?

Pressed for Time

Dear Pressed for Time,

By default, all observations conducted for the teacher will be included in the teacher’s Aggregated Evidence & Ratings (AE&R) tab.  The AE&R tool offers a comprehensive view of all evidence and ratings collected throughout the year; however, as you work to rate your teachers, you may wish to exclude evidence or ratings collected by co-evaluators or from specific observations.  To exclude observations from your AE&R view, simply click the “Change” button found near the top of the teacher’s AE&R tab.  Use the check boxes to exclude observations that you do not wish to consider as your rate the teacher.  

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