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January 17, 2017   |   By Lucia Giacomantonio

Meet the BloomBoard Educator Support Team

Every week our support team interacts with over 300 educators to offer responsive, accurate, and approachable support and help you make the most of your BloomBoard experience. As the friendly faces of BloomBoard, we wanted to take a minute to introduce each of them.

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August 26, 2016   |   By Lucia Giacomantonio

Trauma-Informed Instruction: What Every Teacher and Administrator Needs to Know

One in four public school students has experienced at least one traumatic event that can affect learning or behavior. Thus, it is imperative that districts create a positive and compassionate school environment. Trauma-informed instruction provides all teachers and leaders a playbook for creating that environment, focused on developing the resiliency necessary to increase school success and improve academic outcomes.

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March 15, 2016   |   By Lucia Giacomantonio

Webinar: The Great Migration to Competency-Based PD

Traditionally, professional development systems have focused on the quality of professional development “inputs," such as money spent, workshops attended, or consultants hired, with little evidence of improvement or linkage to “outputs” associated with a change in instructional practice.

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September 15, 2015   |   By Lucia Giacomantonio

Webinar: A Successful Data-Driven Framework to Empower Instructional Growth

Professional development can improve teaching effectiveness, empower growth, and keep teachers satisfied. And research shows that high quality PD has a positive impact on student success. In fact, teachers account for 30 percent of the variance in student achievement, so there’s no doubt that their role is crucial. 

Join former chief academic officer for Partnerships to Uplift Communities Schools and now the current chief implementation officer at BloomBoard, Kelly Montes De Oca, for a webinar that discusses how you can drive more effective professional learning across your school or district by using a framework for instructional improvement focused on data and mastery rather than seat time and credit hours. 

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August 13, 2015   |   By Lucia Giacomantonio

SXSW 2016 PanelPicker Now Open - Cast Your Votes!

It’s that time of year again! The SXSWedu 2016 PanelPicker is now open, which means you can cast your votes for the sessions you'd like to see at next year's event. We have a couple great sessions in the running and we'd love your vote. Check out the descriptions below and give us a "thumbs up" if you'd like to see us in Austin next March. The PanelPicker is open for voting until September 4th.

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