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September 24, 2014   |   By Jason Lange

BloomBoard Named a Top Startup to Watch

BloomBoard was recently given two awards for startups that are making a positive impact on the world:

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September 8, 2014   |   By Jason Lange

Best Advice I Ever Got: Focus on People, Not Problems

As an entrepreneur, you end up having a lot of advice thrown your way--especially when you're starting out. Everybody from your first mentor to your uncle seems to have an opinion on what you should and shouldn't do.

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July 16, 2014   |   By Jason Lange

Education's 'Big Data' Problem -- And How to Fix It

BloomBoard CEO & Co-founder, Jason Lange, recently wrote an opinion editorial on education's 'Big Data' problem, and how to properly conduct data-driven teacher training. School administrators in 41 states are regularly required to evaluate teachers and collect data on their performance, yet little is done with all this information to help teachers improve.

Read more to learn how technology can make evaluations less painful - and more meaningful - for both administrators and teachers.

As published in The OC RegisterThe LA Register, and yourhoustonnews.com.

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July 11, 2014   |   By Jason Lange

New Study Reveals Trends in Professional Learning

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July 7, 2014   |   By Jason Lange

6 Ways to Promote Data-Driven Instruction in K-12 Schools

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