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June 5, 2018   |   By Allison Powell, Ed.D.

Managing the Change Towards Competency-based Professional Development

Over the past two and a half years, BloomBoard has been working with hundreds of organizations (including districts, regional education service providers, and state departments of education) to help them transition to a competency-based model of professional development. While we work with each of these organizations to provide solutions to a wide variety of problems for educators across their organizations, using competency-based professional development in many creative ways, we have discovered four themes throughout all of these very different implementations, which we call the BloomBoard VIPS - Vision, Incentives, Phases, and Supports. When these principles are executed throughout the implementation, we have found that organizations are more likely to find that educators buy-into the idea of competency-based professional learning and follow through with building a portfolio of evidence to show their individual learning. The VIPS require focus, careful planning and organization, as well as clear and frequent communication across all levels of the organization, and will provide a roadmap which leads to a successful transition towards competency-based professional development.

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